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As approved applicators for most of the World’s largest and leading powder manufacturers, we have the knowledge, techniques and expertise to coat all parts to an incredibly high standard, time after time. Our approved applicator status allows us to provide our customers with market leading guarantees up to 40 years.
No matter how complex or unique your desire, we have a powder system and product to meet even the toughest demands.

Our Plants



Across our 2 premises, we have a total of 7 high spec overhead conveyor plants, along with a 3m2 box oven. We are able to coat parts up to 6m in length, 1m wide and 2.8m depth.


We have jigs to fit almost every project in house, but we also have established supply partners who are able to produce complex jigs to enable us to effectively coat any shape.


Our plants are fully, regularly and professionally maintained and performance checked in line with our strict TPM schedules, to ensure optimal curing from start to finish.

Powder Suppliers


Over many years within the industry, we have gained and developed first class working relationships with key Worldwide powder manufacturers and suppliers such as those shown on our Approved Certification page.


We are able to call on the support and expertise of all of our suppliers, where new technologies are developed or introduced, due to our close working relationships, enabling us to be at the forefront of the latest powder options.


Our suppliers hold UK stocks on our behalf, as well as having the options for special international freight and airfreight to help cater for any immediate needs.


Copies of our approved certification for our suppliers can be requested within the Approved Certification page.

Powder Type



Circuit Coatings are able to offer 6 types of powder coatings, which all offer differing properties to suit different applications. This means that we have the perfect powder type to suit your needs and desires meaning there is no restriction to our customers – be it from a visual and/or performance perspective.


The coating variants we offer are; Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester Hybrid, Polyester, Polyurethane, Acrylic and Nylon modified.


Circuit Coatings, through various methods, experience and expertise are able to advise from the project outset, the best options for your needs, and then validate those options through performance testing giving you absolute confidence in the chosen project materials and their performance levels.



Because of our extensive access to supplier product ranges, we are able to offer literally any colour you desire.


We are not only able to offer any RAL colour found within each suppliers’ charts, but we also have the ability to powder colour matched to any item, picture or anything else you find as inspiration for your products.


Along with any colour, we can also offer any gloss level you desire amongst other individual properties. There is no limit to where you can visually take your products!


Sample plaques can be readily provided, from Circuit Coatings or our supply partners, to help make sure that the choice of colour is exactly what our customers want, and need.





Our customers are able to choose from numerous finish options from our suppliers ranges, but we also have the ability to develop new finishes to suit every need.


The finishes we can offer include; smooth, texture, metallic, non-slip, 2 tone patina, wood effect, leather effect, translucent and much, much more.


Sample plaques can be provided for any finish on the market, so you can be sure of your choice before any parts or products go into full production.


Our experienced production team have many years of experience in applying standard and specialised coating finishes to extremely tight tolerances, meaning our customers can be confident the finished products match each other and the samples provided perfectly, every time. This is especially important when it comes to multi component projects such as facades.

High Durability Powders




Within the range of powder coating solutions, we can offer are high or super durability coatings.


These coatings are designed specifically to withstand harsh environments, specifically hot, dry, sunny and salty environments, for much longer than standard powder coat options.


Used primarily in the architectural sector, this is a great option for those customers who want to provide and pass on long guarantees to their customers safe in the knowledge that the powder coat is designed for use in even the harshest environments.

High & Low Bake Powders




We have a full range of high and low bake powders in our supplier ranges that we can offer our customers.


Low bake powders are not only more efficient to apply, they are better for the environment in terms of energy use during application, making this the greenest option for those environmentally conscious customers.
For these reasons, it is often the cheapest option too.


Low bake powders are ideal to use with parts or products that have thick wall sections, along with substrates that are more heat sensitive or have low heat conductivity, such as steel and brass.


High bake powders, whilst less efficient to apply and more expensive, offer excellent heat resistance to the powder coat making it perfect for applications where heat resistance is critical, such as engine bays.