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We understand at Circuit Coatings that good service doesn’t stop when the parts leave our facility. Occasionally issues may crop up during product install or secondary operations, and as a business we stand ready to support your needs.

Site Visits



Sometimes problems occur on site, or within a secondary operations facility, and it is not always feasible or possible for parts or products to be sent back to Circuit Coatings for advice and help. In these instances, Circuit Coatings have highly skilled teams of staff who are able to support you on site where needed, UK wide, with any issues you may encounter and we can advise the best solution from a coating perspective.


Wherever you are, whatever the problem, Circuit Coatings are ready to help and support your needs.

Coating of Replacement Items



At Circuit Coatings we understand that very often when problems occur, it is normally small volumes of parts, products or items that are affected. Where possible, we as a business, will always try to provide you with the cheapest possible option if parts, products or items need to be remade and coated again

– meaning that even in those most difficult times we are as supportive as possible for our customers.


If it is that a larger problem or issue has arisen, and larger proportions of batches – or even entire batches – need remaking and powder coating, we give all of our customers the firm commitment that we will be as supportive and reactive as possible and will endeavour to assist as much as we can.


Whether your problem or issue is large or small, Circuit Coatings are ready to support your business.