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With over 42 years of experience of product development and new product introduction, we have a wealth of experience that we are able to apply to each project we undertake along with our customers. We have market leading knowledge and expertise of World leading pretreatment and powder coating systems, paired with long established relationships with our suppliers and accredited test centres, meaning we are able to offer you the best possible product and service to best serve each project and its specific needs.

Every project starts with an idea, a desire, to achieve something new and ambitious that will ultimately be successful. Circuit Coatings want to be a part of that successful journey too, and we have all of the knowledge, experience, contacts, tools and skills to make that happen time and time again.

Here are some of the key aspects of the NPI/APQP process we would undertake with you, getting it right from the very start.

Understanding the Needs and Desires of the Project

In the initial consultation meetings, Circuit Coatings will determine the overall and specific needs of the project, to ensure that the products and services we offer you are not only the best in terms of quality and performance, but also price.

Project Feasibility

Our team of experienced staff will ensure, through numerous techniques and tools, that the products and applications identified are suitable and feasible for the project. Key supply and service partners will be integrated into the project to draw on their vast wealth of knowledge and experience and specialised, packaging and logistical requirements will also be assessed.


At Circuit Coatings we understand that every project must be commercially viable for it to be successful. We will provide you with competitive and detailed quotations at every stage of the project, so that the products and services we offer enable you to stay within your allocated budget, whilst maintaining the quality of product and service you deserve.


Naturally, you will only want the best products to be used on your project, and as approved and certified applicators for our supply partners, we are able to offer you the very best options on the market at all times.
We only work with market leading suppliers, and have UK stocks ready and available to access at all times.

Samples, Testing Validation and Capacity Feasibility

We understand at Circuit Coatings that every single part or product that passes through our plants must be perfect, every time. We therefore undertake sample testing through our key supply partners and/or accredited test facilities throughout the NPI/APQP process, as well as throughout the project life.

We also understand how important it is that we are able to flexibly and reliably support your production requirements, and undertake in depth capacity analysis to make sure we are here to support your needs, even at short notice.

Documented Volume Trial

As with every project, the preparation work done can only really be put to the test when a full-scale volume trial is conducted, and the services, products and application of those can be proven to work in a real-World production run.
We ensure that all projects, before being defined as an approved and successful process, go through a full production scale trial to make sure everything is perfect from receipt of raw material right through to collection or delivery of the finished product.

Project Documentation and Declaration

Upon the completion and validation of the various areas of the NPI/APQP project, Circuit Coatings submit for customer approval, formal documentation to confirm the process and its working parameters – normally in the form of an ISIR or a level 3-5 PPAP. We are also happy and confident to use other systems as required.

We have decades of experience in this area, working alongside some of the largest and most prestigious customers, and approval systems, from around the World.

We at Circuit Coatings know and understand that although there are critical steps to follow, each business and project needs a different, customer specific approach and have their own individual needs.
We ensure that we offer flexibility to the changing needs and demands of each project we undertake, and make a commitment to every customer we deal with that we will adapt to each change and challenge that arises along the project journey.

If you would like for us to assist you with your current or future projects, don’t hesitate to click on the link below and we will happy to contact you to discuss your needs further.