Home Pre-Treatment


Circuit Coatings use only the best products on the market to clean, degrease and prepare substrates for powder coating. Our currently used systems have been independently tested and approved to achieve class leading results, and we have access to a wide range of other new and existing systems, to ensure we are able to offer the perfect solution for your needs, every time. All of our systems are also chrome free and environmentally friendly.

Pretreatment plants

Across both premises, we have 5 new and updated pretreatment plants offering cleaning, degreasing and conversion coating systems covering numerous substrates.


All of our plants are liquid immersion plants, meaning every corner of every part is equally treated, providing protection on even the most complex shapes and designs.


Our plants allow us to prepare material up to 6 metres in length and various widths.


A number of our plants have automation, including our phosphate wash, offering very high levels of control throughout each and every batch we process.


We have a World leading real time reporting system installed on our Auto plant at Great Barr, supplied and fitted by a World industry leader, to provide our customers with constant lines of information and the ultimate confidence that everything is being processed perfectly

Suppliers and Systems

All of our pretreatment chemicals are exclusively supplied by Henkel and our trusted UK partners and distributors. Henkel are the World leader in chemical surface treatments for metals.


Every chemical that we use is now completely chrome free and is infinitely better for the environment than older chromium technologies.


All chemicals used are stored locally in the UK for Circuit Coatings, through bonded warehouses and other facilities, and in conjunction with Henkel and our trusted UK partners and distributors, ensuring supply chains never fail and we are always ready to assist you with your needs.


We have the ability to trial brand new systems at short notice, meaning there is no limit to the options available to Circuit Coatings, and our customers.


We have current and developed systems across both sites that are fully and independently tested and approved, to provide protective coating solutions for all grades of Aluminium, Magnesium, Steel and Zinc substrates.


Our plants and systems are designed to use on cast, rolled, welded and formed profiles and parts. We are specialists in complex, high specification parts with exceptionally high test standards.


Any pretreatment system used is substrate specific, and has been designed and tested to enhance the product performance based upon the properties of each substrate.


The performance of our systems is validated on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, through externally certified and independent test facilities, to ensure market leading performance across every batch.


Both Circuit Coatings sites have new salt spray chambers installed, to be used for regular, in process and longevity testing with the maximum visibility of performance on a day to say basis.


All of our systems meet or exceed the Qualicoat test standards for our industry.


Our Bonderite M-NT 2040 system used on aluminium has been independently tested and approved to the Qualicoat ISO-9227 test specification and achieved 4000 hours, when the pass criteria is 1000 hours. Even at 4000 hours, there was still 60% of the allowable limit remaining.


Our Bonderite M-NT 5200 system used on magnesium has been independently tested and approved to the ASTM B117 & ISO 9227 test specifications and achieved 3000 hours, when the pass criteria is 1000 hours.
Even at 3000 hours, there was still 75% of the allowable limit remaining.


The performance of our systems paired with supplier approval, allow us to provide guarantees ranging up to 40 years dependant on the final powder coat application.