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Quality control and assurance is at the heart of everything we do at Circuit Coatings, and our constant drive for perfection in both service and product quality is supported by our strong ethos of ‘first time right’ and ‘the customer is always the priority’.
We are able to offer a range of services in this area, covering everything from basic house hold goods through to high level automotive parts and components, so no matter what your needs, we are ready to support your business.




Circuit Coatings have been continually and fully ISO:9001 approved since 1991, with an impeccable audit history.


ISO:9001 principles are core to the way we operate our business top down, and our customers can rest safe in the knowledge that we operate a professional and transparent service operating to strict standards at all times.


We are also approved and certified applicators for most of the World’s largest powder manufacturers, more details of which can be found on our Approved Certification page.


Circuit Coatings are working towards full IATF 16949 accreditation at the Great Barr site, and many of the working practices and procedures are already operating to this standard with development ongoing.


Market Sectors



With over 40 years’ experience in servicing numerous markets, we know and understand the needs and expectations of them, and how we can best support our customers.


We will powder coat parts for any market, no matter how complex and demanding, and have fully trained teams across both premises.


We currently undertake work for the following markets; Automotive, Architectural, Agricultural, Industrial, Public and Domestic amongst others.


Understanding the demands for each sector are key, as no two businesses or markets are the same, and as a supplier we are able to offer packages that suit our customers’ needs perfectly – meaning our customers get a product and service they want without paying for products and services they do not need.


We have the ability to undertake any industry, business or performance specific testing ensuring our customers are always confirming to their industry standards.

Automotive – Aluminium & Magnesium



Circuit Coatings are specialists in powder coating aluminium and magnesium for the automotive market.


We have numerous systems already in place for our customers, that constantly achieve a minimum of 1000 hours salt spray and humidity resistance on both substrates, when tested against industry and customer specifications.


We have achieved a minimum performance score of 94% conformity, on all automotive customer audits – including VDA 6.3, CQI 12 and customer specific audits.


We offer a full service to our automotive customers, taking concepts from design through to the finished product.


Our teams are highly trained and skilled in detecting even the smallest visual defects, with market leading PPM reject rates.


Our teams and staff are used to dealing with the demands of JIT processes, and are dedicated to making sure we hit every target, no matter how difficult.


Circuit Coatings are currently working towards IATF 16949 certification, and have already implemented many of the working procedures required to provide our customers with the best possible product and service.

Pre-Production and in Process Documentation



At Circuit Coatings we understand how critical it is to undertake the correct process steps to ensure that when we enter into full production, we and our customers know exactly what to expect and how it will be achieved. We do this by undertaking the ground work through the use of DFMEA, PFMEA and capacity analysis amongst other tools, followed by full documenting procedures such as PPAP’s to level 5, or for less critical projects, ISIR reports.


Equally, it is also vitally important that our customers can see through data and analysis, that we are adhering to the defined processing parameters at all times. It is because of this that we offer high levels of in process data reporting, which is often transferred to our customers daily for optimum transparency.


We have our internally raised and approved documentation in place ready to use if needed, or we are equally happy to use customer documentation at any point throughout the process if our customers prefer.


Our staff are highly skilled and trained to serve any type of business in any type of market, so no matter how complex the needs of our customers are, we are always prepared and ready to meet the challenge.

Pre-Production and in Process Testing



For all of Circuit Coatings customers, it is vitally important that any product and service we offer is proven to work to the desired criteria before we enter into production. We are able to offer any type of pre-production testing our customers require, through the use of our own tools and equipment or through the use of independent and approved test facilities.


We also know how important it is for our customers to have absolute confidence throughout the lifetime of a project, component, part or product, and that performance is maintained and if possible improved.


We have the full support of our supply chain with any testing requirements, and they are able to offer testing services Internationally that are specific to their products and often out of range for anyone outside of the industry.


Some of the more common testing we offer is; salt and humidity spray, gloss, film thickness, cross hatch durability, impact, pressure cooker and conical mandrel.


Testing is not just isolated to whatever we powder coat, the equipment and raw materials we use every day also must perform to a high level consistently, exactly as we and our customers expect. We use a range of tools and techniques within our TPM programs such as heat curves and oven loggers to validate our equipment and for raw material validation and performance we use methods such as titrations.

Customer Specific Requirements



Every customer is unique in some way, and Circuit Coatings understand that a one size fits all approach to our business and service will not work for our customers equally.

Therefore, we, as a business, make sure that we understand fully and completely exactly what our customers need from us in order to be successful, so that we can join and assist them on their journey positively making Circuit Coatings your ideal industry partner.


No matter how detailed or complex the request, we will explore every opportunity to attempt to provide whatever is needed for our customers – pre-production, in process or aftersales.


Sometimes customer specific requirements aren’t just process related, sometimes they can arrive in the form of requests from just about every department within our customer’ business. They can be cost down or resource projects, investigations into new technologies or even support in selling their products from a powder coating perspective, and this can be of equal importance to any other request.


Whatever the need or desire, we are ready to help.

Staff Training



Our staff at Circuit Coatings are the beating heart of our business.
We know that without them, the business could not be what it is today, and in return we make sure that our staff are highly trained and skilled in the roles they are employed to undertake.

The better our staff, the better our business!


Our training is conducted both internally and externally, through the use of our own staff, supply chains and third- party training organisations.


We promote the use of, and where possible encourage within our business, the use of apprentices in various roles. We support apprentices of all ages providing a chance to show their positive attributes and develop themselves and their skills.


We also actively encourage and support our existing staff to undertake further education such as vocational NVQ’s, HNC’s, HND’s and diplomas.


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