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Specialised Requirements

As well as providing an industry leading powder coating service, we offer many project support services, ensuring we are always in a position to offer all of our customers a complete solution in house. Along with the below examples, we are always happy to investigate and implement new requirements for our customers, and develop our own in house processes and operations, so we can continue to offer the same first class one stop solution.

Pretreatment for Bonding and Welding



We have a range of fully tested, approved and environmentally compliant pretreatment systems that we can offer our customers, which provide conversion coating protection to the substrate surface whilst aiding any subsequent bonding and welding processes.


This is particularly useful to the automotive trade, meaning that individual components are protected against corrosion until assembly through bonding and welding. The pretreatment acts as a conductor or accelerant, aiding the assembly process rather than hindering it.


This process allows for a full vehicle, part or product to be fully built in its natural state and then be coated complete as a finished product. This helps with visual uniformity between components that otherwise would have been coated separately, or even in different colours or materials, due to performance restrictions.


Our pretreatment systems can be translucent or offer slight colour tones, for a visual indication of pretreatment.

Steritouch Antibacterial Powder Coat



Steritouch is an antibacterial additive that can be added to most powders or that can be applied as a clear topcoat.


It offers excellent antibacterial surface protection against some of the most common bacteria strains such as MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Listeria, Streptococcus and Legionella.


Protects products against bacteria, algae and mould growth when in use.


Testing and development is underway to confirm if this product can or will provide protection against surface based Covid-19. Initial testing has been conducted against other similar viruses, until actual testing of the SARS- Cov-2 could be conducted. Initial results based on testing Influenza A, human coronavirus, feline calicivirus and feline coronavirus have provided positive indications.

Assembly & Sub Assembly



Circuit Coatings have been operating assembly and sub-assembly operations as part of our overall service since 1981. With 40 years of experience in this area, you can be confident that we are able to support you and your business with any assembly needs.


We have ergonomically suitable areas for our staff to operate within when conducting assembly operations, supported by all of the necessary tooling to accurately conduct each process or action.


We are also able to support these operations with facilities such as Kanban systems, specialised tooling and high level training and operational documentation.

Decals, Stickers and Labels


Circuit Coatings already service many of our current customers with operations where we apply company decals, product specific stickers or product information labels.
We have trained and skilled staff to undertake these operations for you, supported by process documentation and set processes to work to, ensuring repeatability and conformity from one part to the next.
We at Circuit Coatings understand how important this service is for our customers, whether it’s for branding or to comply with market or industry regulations and legislations, and so we treat this service with the upmost care and importance at all times.

Barcode and QR Code Application


Circuit Coatings have the facilities to offer a full barcode or QR code service to all of our customers.


We have trained and competent staff, who are ready and capable of using customer systems if preferred, or we can offer our own service to suit your individual needs.


We have on site and external 3rd party IT support, to assist with system implementation, equipment and maintenance, to ensure your labels stay crisp and clear at all times.

Full Packaging Service


Circuit Coatings are able to source, supply and use any form of packaging you desire to protect and ship your products after powder coating. Whether it be cardboard, polywrap protection or even specially designed KLT’s we have the solution for our customers, and in turn, their customers.
Surface protection whilst in transit is particularly important, and we have a wealth of experience in designing one off packaging solutions for complex racks, parts and shapes along with our supply partners.
We have established relationships with numerous large packaging providers, and packaging can be purchased in large or small batches, or within 12 month service agreement contracts, so as a customer you can have the ultimate confidence in price and supply.